We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of A Scar For The Wicked’s new album “The Unholy” (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on June 29, 2018. You can purchase the album here.

The band commented on the album:

‘The Unholy’ is a step up from our previous EP ‘The Necrobutcher.’ It’s heavier, more technical, faster, more melodic and flows very well from front to back. Silverwing Studios did an excellent production. The vocals often alternate from low to high in range and is accompanied by powerful backing-vocals. Every track is hard hitting and overall the EP and lyrical content have a very dark feel to them.

Upcoming Shows:
June 29 – Ottawa, ON at Mavericks (CD Release Show) w/ Fractures & Outline, Hatred Reigns, Whispers In The Maze [FB Event]
Sept 01 – Ottawa, ON at Cafe Dekcuf w/ Persefone, Manticora, Unknown [FB Event]

About the band:

Born in blood, screams and agony, Adam Semler was destined to a life of tortured creations. Son of a vile temptress, silenced brutally for her crime, he slowly learned that music was the only way he could express his rage to exist. To spread this hatred, he reached out to two dangerous brothers, equally brilliant, charismatic, and evil: Joe Lyko and Ryan Keyneres. Both giants surrounded by an aura of strength, they brought to the project a dark powerful voice to be heard, and fingers of doom to torture with painful strings. Preparing for a blood ritual that would unite them forever, they were joined by James Nopper, freshly escaped from a mental institute. A real psychopath, so mad and demented, he was a perfect addition with his low waves of madness. Anxious to grow their power within this rotting universe, they decided to enlist another voice; Eric Forget was the perfect candidate. A young and twisted abnormal screaming entity, born to destroy the ears of the world with a single word. The ritual was almost complete. They only needed more rhythm to succeed in awakening the necrobutchers. From the echo of pain itself, Nick Rodgers was raised, a real technician of doom. With the twisted lineup ready, A Scar For the Wicked was poised to bring it’s sickening death metal to the unsuspecting world.

Since 2010, A Scar For The Wicked (ASFTW) has been playing fast, evil and energetic songs inspired by horror shows and films. Their favorite themes encompass zombies, demons and other evil creatures and for them, each song is executed as a short horror story accompanied by heavy music. Like most horror stories this is not for the faint of heart. There is a fair amount of gore, death and of course a very evil atmosphere which is reflected in the band name as well.

Guitarist Joe Lyko explains: “A Scar For The Wicked was really a twist on “people marking the houses of where witches live, a mark on them so people knew to stay away, a scar as we like to look at it”, I always liked the idea of thinking every time we play we leave a mark on the crowd, something to remind them of us.”

After the release of their violent demo in 2011 and their first EP Scars in 2012, they had reached the perfect level to unleash their first pure Machiavellian hymn to the dead, bringing into this world, The Necrobutcher (2014). Their next offering,

Fueled by a passion to bringing horrific and grotesque sounds to their fans, ASFTW have clawed their way through the Eastern Canadian metal scene originally following the guidelines of deathcore, going for a very heavy sound. As the other members began imprinting their influences on the music it saw a evolution into a less core based death metal, melodic but still remaining brutal and disgustingly evil. Every show is an energized experience with ASFTW, complete with face melting heaviness and a dark and evil atmosphere.

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