We’re  pleased to bring you the premiere of Seas’ new album Cursed (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on November 9, 2018. You can purchase the album here.

Seas frontman Chris Hughes commented on the release:

On the eve of the ‘Cursed’ release I’m feeling really good about how everything unfolded leading up to it. From day one of recording up to the release it’s been over two years. Two years of exciting highs, and very frustrating moments, but in the end we never comprised on any aspect in the vision we held for the record. From the songwriting, to the recording, to the artwork, we did it all on our own terms achieving the big spacey rock record we set out to make.

Thematically, the record is reflective of the 2015 year which was personally a bummer of a year for me. So in the end, taking that negative and turning it into such a positive is such an exciting achievement.

About the band:

For any music fan looking to soak their brain in warm fuzzy guitar melodies, smooth vocal harmonies and early ’90s indie rock, Seas is ripe with it all.

The origins of Seas began many years ago on 4 track cassette, and 2 track tape machines in the basement of Chris (“Hippy”) Hughes’ house. Starting as an experimental project along the lines of Eric’s Trip and Elevator, it was a solely an outlet to reach those sonic pillowy atmospheres. The atmospheres that make for a satisfying headphone jam while out for a walk or on an endless tour around the world with his band at the time, Moneen.

In 2009, while on tour with Moneen, Chris met Adrian Mottram, guitarist in the band Sights & Sounds. “A few weeks after that tour ended, Adrian called me up to sing on some demos he had been doing at his studio. I didn’t know what to expect but when I heard the track I was so into what he was doing.” noted Chris. “After that recording, I asked him to record a few of the songs that I was calling “seas” and make it sound like the demos he had me sing on.”

The demos were coming out slightly larger than planned, so Chris called upon former Moneen bandmate, Peter Krpan to track drums and in short order Seas was growing from being a bedroom project to a full fledged band. Not long thereafter, Erik Hughes (Moneen) and Mike Bolt (From The Bridge) joined to play bass and guitar respectively, and the final incarnation of the band was born.

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