We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of California grindcore band See You Space Cowboy’s new EP Fashion Statements of the Socially Aware (listen below), which is being released on 7″ vinyl.

You can pre-order here: structures//agony records (US)Middle Man Records (US)Contrition Records (US)Zegema Beach Records (NZ)React With Protest (EU)

The new amalgamation of recently defunct René Descartes along with members of Letters To Catalonia, has led to a very confident and particularly sassy offspring from San Diego, California. Imagine the metalcore elements of Heavy Heavy Low Low, the multifaceted screaming of Fear Before The March Of Flames, the sinister sass of The Blood Brothers, and it’s all blanketed by a profound love for the violence of Me And Him Call It Us and the quirkiness of Daughters. Well, that’s SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY.

See You Space Cowboy tour 2017

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