We’re pleased to bring you the premiere Sleeper’s new EP Sutures (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released through White Russian Records.

“We formed this unholy bond about 2 years ago, feeding off our joined interest of late 90s alternative rock. We made a 5-song record about hate, love and middle-aged apathy. Channeling our younger selves and all the while leaning heavily on our collective years of punk rock experience.”

About the band:

Prepare to be dragged into a balanced blend of 90s post hardcore and alternative rock. Sleeper is a four headed formation originating from the Dutch city of Eindhoven that will strike you with strings, sticks and a throat.

Featuring former members of Said and Done and The Motion and influenced by names such as Rival Schools and Sparta, these guys will give it their all. Sleeper is Dennis Danen, Joost van de Graaf, Stef Willems and Emiel Thoonen.


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