“‘Soft Applause’ is about letting go and giving in to your vices. It was the second song we recorded on Darkest Sour and I was going through kind of a rough spot financially,” commented The Sour Notes guitarist Jared. “When I was writing the lyrics, I remember being a bit perturbed about the sad state modern-music is in and how hard it is for bands to even exist sometimes without a record label, wealth, job stability, etc. Rich kids squeezing out the less-fortunate in the art world is no new thing and the answer to overcome them is very plain & simple and is always there right in front of us… Hard work and efficiency always outlasts. Try not to get too down about it and let ‘them’ buy their way in, because they get cranky, tired and bored easily. That’s when you’ll still be there.”

You can also check out The Sour Notes performing their song “Clock Strikes 12” live at KUTX 98.9 in Austin, TX below.

Both “Soft Applause” and “Clock Strikes 12” are taken from the band’s latest album¬†Darkest Sour, which is available now through iTunes, as well as all other major digital distributors.

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