We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of State Line Syndicate’s new single “Bones” (listen below). The band commented on the song: “‘Bones’ is about hitting rock bottom and finding a way to get up and continue on, no matter how hard it may be.”

About the band:

With an upbeat blend of millennial pop punk and emo sensibilities, State Line Syndicate (SLS) creates music for a new generation. Retro in style and subversive in nature, this power pop trio honors the past but looks to the future.

Harboring no gimmicks or pretense SLS simply seek the truth. Loaded with punk rock bravado, their songs offer memorable melodies on top of racing rhythms. Lyrically dense, intense and fervent, the tunes cover human behavior at its best, and worst.

Considered neither old school nor new school, SLS are forging their own way in a new music scene. Their dedication and hard work are so strong they embody the DIY spirit fully.

Consisting of Makeshift Mike (lead vocals and guitar), Mikey Virgin (drums) and Joe E (bass and backing vocals), the band’s fierce live shows are becoming infamous at legendary venues in Hollywood, Silver Lake and Echo Park.

But, keeping it real is what’s most important to this band of brothers. Accordingly, they recorded their full-length debut at The Blasting Room, a punk rock mecca in Fort Collins, CO. The album, Go Back to the 90s, offers ten tracks of thrills for anyone who relishes punk, rock or power pop.

The band’s leader, Makeshift Mike notes, “We’re willing to do whatever it takes to be true to the music and make our fans happy.” Happy, indeed… this is a band on a mission. “We hope to inspire people the way our influences inspired us. This is the music we grew up on, it’s the music we love, and we want to share it with everyone.”

Those sentiments reveal the essence of State Line Syndicate, and an authenticity that’s hard to find in today’s music industry. As such, anyone inclined might want to check out this up and coming act while they’re accessible.


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