You may not know the name Eva Lawitts, but chances are her fingerprints have been on some of your favorite releases coming out of NYC in the past few years. Now, Lawitts is getting ready to step out on her own with an EP, Pleasant Vistas in a Somber Place, under the moniker Stimmerman.

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of the Stimmerman’s first single off of the EP, “Tough Talk,” today (listen below). The track blends elements of prog-rock, psych and punk showcasing Lawitts’ broad and eclectic vision and talents.

“The songs on this EP started as drafts for a new album by a band that is now defunct,” shares Lawitts, “I had completed the most of the instrumentals by fall 2016, the band I had written the songs for broke up in December, and then I spent the first half of 2017 racing around on tour with a horde of other musicians and bands, mostly getting really depressed in vans and hotel rooms about the seeming sudden lack of direction in my life and attempting to complete these songs on my own.

All the songs on the EP ended up reflecting the childish moroseness and impotent bitterness of this timeframe, but none as explicitly as ‘Tough Talk.’ The lyrics were culled from half-remembered conversations from a particularly intense period of touring, as well as my running commentary on those memories, and ultimately some kind of conclusion about how attempting to reach a conclusion about what it was all supposed to mean was a futile effort.”

Top photo by Alex Joseph

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