We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Stonecutters’ new song “Carved in Time” (listen below). The song is the title track from the band’s fifth studio album, which is scheduled to be released on November 2, 2018 through GrindEthos.

Stonecutters guitarist Nick Burks comments on the song:

Our first single off our upcoming album encapsulates the vibe of the record, which is a soundscape to our pondering of time and impermanence. The song’s hook came from a riff I wrote in the summer of 2015 while in Portland, Oregon, just after recording our album, ‘Blood Moon.’ When I got back to Louisville, Kentucky, I worked through the rest of the song with guitarist Brian Omer. We wanted trippy, dark guitar melodies and hardcore beatdowns to keep the song creepy and heavy. The zigzag, harmonized guitar lick at the end is my tribute to Death frontman Chuck Schuldiner and his unparalleled shredding throughout ‘The Sound of Perseverance.’ My brain melted the first time I heard that album, and it’s a major influence and inspiration.

Burks continues:

The lyrical themes came from a couple of places. Omer’s was written in response to the Paris attacks in 2015. The lyrics ‘Innocent blood has been thrown’ reflect our reactions to that tragedy. The anger about the situation and wishing you could have done something. The inspiration I felt was coming from writing a song that would outlive the writer. The lyric line ‘Carved in time / Cut into stone’ expresses what we’ve created as a band, to make your mark in this lifetime before you are gone forever. The lyrics for the beatdown middle section were inspired by the act of murder. ‘Die killing’ sounds psychotic so we went with it. It’s our battle cry for the end of times.

Tour Dates:
Sep 6 – Paducah, KY at Paducah Beer Werks
Sep 7 – Cave n Rock, IL at Full Terror Assault Fest
Sep 8 – Chicago, IL at Reggie’s w/ Demolition Hammer
Sep 9 – Milwaukee, WI at Garibaldi’s
Sep 10 – Kalamazoo, MI at Shakespeare’s Lower Level
Sep 11 – Toledo, OH at Frankie’s
Sep 12 – Baltimore, MD at The Depot
Sep 13 – Norfolk, VA at The Norva w/ Gwar
Sep 14 – Millvale, PA at Mr. Smalls w/ Gwar
Sep 15 – Washington DC at The Pinch
Sep 16 – Charleston, WV at Boulevard Tavern

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