We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Street Joy’s new single “Party Party Everywhere” (listen below). The band commented: “Don’t you think that sometimes it’s helpful to take a step back from the things that stress you out?”

About the band:

Street Joy is a cult.

A cult of kindergarten chic, Pop Rocks®-intoxicated performers. A set of sonorous suitors whose sonic screeds’ll sincerely slay. A band of two that you just can’t help but feel some wave of nostalgia for, with an air of immaturity that somehow clashes with a vogue sophistication. A flair for the accessible, and a thirst for progression – Street Joy wants you on their side.

Scott Zimmerman and Jason Demayo originally met in the Bay Area during their teenage years. Mere acquaintances in high school, the two bonded over a similar affinity for music creation once they coincidentally arrived at the same college in Oregon. Scott and Jason got together to jam; they stayed together because of an instant alignment. They honed their chemistry and fostered their songwriting chops before relocating to LA where Street Joy was officially christened. After releasing their self-titled EP, the restless duo hunkered down in a studio in Inglewood, resulting in a handful of tracks that would never see the
light of day. From these slapdash sessions, a socially conscious demo (“Ricochet”) proved to the boys that there was space for them in an atmosphere occupied by not solely rock ‘n’ roll, but also disco and pop. A transformation commenced. This experimentation eventually led to tracks like the toe-bobbing/head-tapping “Do a Thing” and a polished version of the funkadelicious and aware “Ricochet.” More so, it instilled in the twosome a new appreciation for dance and pop, a realm that Street Joy now thrives within.

Again, Street Joy is a cult. As with all cults, the only cost to join is your soul. But this cult will make sure it’s returned – lapped and matted in Street Joy’s sugary saliva.


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Top photo by Amanda Rose

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