We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Svoid’s new EP Spiral Dance (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released through Sun & Moon Records.

Istvan of Svoid commented:

A bit more than seven years ago, when our first EP was released, it was the first sign of life. It was a definition of our ‘Chaotic Art,’ to depart and ‘To Never Return.’ With ‘The Devil’s Blood’ on our skin through the cursed years we reached a land of storming voices beyond. These were the ‘Storming Voices of Inner Devotion’ to take All and return Nothing.

Svoid were settled soon on a different basis, which was definitely a new chapter on an aimless, ‘Spiral Path.’ The individual sources left their mark in our music, so that we let the unbound progression unfold. Svoid as an entity reached its form in the formlessness. And once we will break the broken.

About the band:

For nearly a decade now, this Hungarian duo have defied conventions and followed their singular muse, no matter the stylistic definition nor easy categorization. The band’s base began in black metal, but a open-ended and spiritual sort; from there, Svoid decided to integrate whatever felt necessary to express that muse, each step strategic yet unselfconscious. It all culminated with dark ‘n’ dazzling second album, Storming Voices of Inner Devotion, in 2016. Ever aptly titled, that album looked ahead of the curve and pushed a poignant synthesis of post-punk and black metal. Now, the post-punk influence steps forward even more on the four-song Spiral Dance. In an alternate universe, each of these four understated anthems would be a radio hit…if the radio station existed in a post-apocalyptic cityscape.

Both mystically bewitching like Budapest and monochromatically bewildering like Berlin, Spiral Dance is the new sound of Svoid, stark and austere in its nightlife sheen but exposing a more vulnerable underbelly to urban grim. Will you dance/dance/dance to this radio?

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