We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Sweeping Exits’ new song “Bigotry and Barbecue” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Glitter & Blood, which is scheduled to be released on June 9th. You can pre-order the album here.

Sweeping Exits’ Mira Glitterhound (vocals, guitar, arrangements) comments:

“‘Bigotry & Barbecue’ came out of a painful experience, where a friend and I were chased through Portland’s industrial district by two men yelling slurs, one of whom had a knife. A couple weeks later I wrote this song, placing Glitter & Blood‘s central character Desmond in the same scenario. This was a turning point in my writing, where I started to use the vampire’s powers as an instrument of Queer empowerment.

Each element of Glitter & Blood involved completely organically. Initially, I just wanted to write an album that could live up to that name. Then it turned into a story about a kid who’s visited by a supernatural creature. The record didn’t become about vampires until I wrote the song Undead… I remember calling my brother that night and saying ‘Wow… the whole storyline just changed.’

To create Bigotry & Barbecue, a relatively complex chain of events condensed into a 3 minute pop song, took a lot of pre-writing. I started with free writes of the story, followed by more succinct vignette pieces. Then I drew out the plot in storyboard form, piecing together each element and immersing myself in the setting visually. Eventually I began writing lyrics, and the music came last.

I drew a lot of inspiration from Roy Orbison’s writing, which is often rather linear and flows like an old film. His structures are non-traditional, but the songs stay under 3 minutes and still made sense on 50s/60s radio. This was a unique type of magic I wanted to understand.”

Tour Dates:
June 08 – Seattle, WA – The Wormhole
June 09 – Portland, OR – Blackwater Bar
June 10 – Bellingham, WA – Karate Church
June 23 – Oakland, CA – House Show
June 24 – Los Angeles, CA – Bridgetown
June 25 – San Diego, CA – Title TK
June 26 – San Francisco, CA – EL RIO
June 29 – San Jose, CA – Salon SJ
June 30 – Arcata, CA – House Show
July 01 – Eugene, OR – The Boreal

Sweeping Exits are queer vampires from Portland, OR. Their music is a mix of 1970s Glam Rock and Horror, with each release structured like a short film. The upcoming LP Glitter & Blood tells the story of a vampire rockstar who becomes Queen of the Vampires, and ultimately leads in the destruction of the human race. It’s sort of like Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Suspiria and a little Nick Cave.

Artistically, the band seeks to reclaim horror as a means of queer and femme empowerment. An all Trans band, they explore these storylines as a way to reflect on their experience and gain a sense of liberation from oppression. The world created in Sweeping Exits’ work is one where the queers have the power; a vital respite for a band who’s daily experience is the opposite. Part of what drives Sweeping Exits to reach the widest audience possible is the desire to offer this world to young queers around the country.

Glitter & Blood pulls from a wide array of influences, from the classic Glam of Roxy Music, Bowie and 70s Lou Reed, to the first-wave Punk of the Damned and the Adverts. Also heard within their sound is romantic era classical music, and some more modern influences like Elliott Smith and Pulp. The prequel EP The Projectionist showcases the band’s darker side, steeped more in early Post-Punk, Nick Cave, and the film scores of Bernard Herrmann. Sweeping Exits’ constantly shifting sound and aesthetic is an important part of their work, and will continue to evolve through the 4-LP storyline begun by Glitter & Blood.

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