We’re pleased to bring you the stream of Swine Overlord’s new album Entheogenesis, which is officially out today, September 23rd, through Gore House Productions (listen below).

Will Peplinkski of Swine Overlord comments:

“‘Entheogenesis’ was kind of us beginning to let go of any rules we had set for ourselves. No more limits. Our previous material was sprinkled with fun little bits, but with this release we really embraced the idea of evolution. This album is meant to tell you that, while there are aspects of our sound that may stay the same, the Swine Overlord will always be an ever-changing beast. We are extremely proud of how ‘Entheogenesis’ came together, and we hope it resonates with our fans old and new.”

Purchase Entheogensis here.

Swine Overlord’s Entheogenesis is one of the meanest, heaviest, most undiluted and brutal death metal albums this year. Intense, slamming, blasting punishment. Winding and twisting, slithering from slow, brooding openings to manic blasts with wild-eyed riffing creating an atmosphere of instability. The goods have been delivered.

Entheogenesis is the follow-up to Swine Overlord’s debut album Parables of Umbral Transcendence. The brutal death metal duo who dared to create their own blend of American slam with a slight progressive touch has returned without any signs of changing paths.

Swine Overlord has crafted a layered concept album which offers a unique look at the development of the human psyche through the lens of western religion and eastern spirituality. This epic story is told over a soundtrack filled with their trademark slams, ominous riffing, as well as mind-bending soundscapes and enough twists and turns to keep fans eager to hear what’s coming next.

Featuring album art by renown Chinese artist Yang Guang (Equilibrium, Putridity, Inanimate Existence), Entheogenesis was recorded at SO HQ and was mixed and mastered by Andrew Matzenger. The album also includes a special guest appearance by Tim Bee (Paroxysmal Butchering) and Jord James (Disentomb).

Watch the official music video for the track “Altars of a Putrid Resurrection,” also taken from Entheogenesis, below.


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