We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Syn Ze Sase Tri’s new album Zaul Mos (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released through Code666 on September 29th. You can purchase the album here.

About the band:

Syn Ze Şase Tri was formed in 2007 by Corb, inspired by the bloody history and myths of his motherland Transylvania. Focusing on the figure of the warrior, the band started to compose the first songs about their ancestors, the way of the Dacian warriors and their beliefs, their gods, their last days and their prayers. The band name itself means ”I’m with triple six,” but not in the satanic way; the meaning of 666 actually referring to the supreme number, a limit between the human world and the world of the gods, in ancient mythology. The band signed with Italian label Code666 for the release of debut album Între două lumi (translate: “Between Two Worlds”), composed in 2008 and then recorded in Negură Bunget’s studio with Hupogrammos and Sol Faur (ex-Negură Bunget, now in Dordeduh) as sound engineers.

During 2009 Corb joined fellow-citizens Negura Bunget to replace leaving members Soul Faur and Hupogrammos, composing and recording the album Virstele Pamintului. The following touring duties with Negura Bunget stopped Syn Ze Sase Tri activities for a while, then in late summer 2010 Corb decided to concentrate on his own band again, and the debut album Între două lumi was finally ready to be released by Code666 in 2011.

After several successful live shows the band started composing the second album titled Sub Semnul Lupului, focused around the myth of the Ancient Dacian Wolf – recorded & mixed by Mihai Toma with the help of many guests for the traditional instruments and orchestral parts. A couple of years later it was time for the third chapter, titled STĂPÎN PESTE STĂPÎNI – recorded in Romania and then mixed & mastered in Italy at Studio73 by Paso (Ephel Duath, ToKill, Blindead). After some lineup changes, and a long Romanian tour to warm up the new members, the band was ready to present their fourth chapter: Zaul Mos (translate: “the Elder God”), again mixed and mastered in Studio 73 by Paso, and featuring the trademark artwork of renowned Darkgrove Studio from Finland (Manowar, Stratovarius, Korpiklaani).

The band commented on the new album: “It is the most complex and majestic album we did so far. The story goes on on this fourth chapter, and it has become the greatest achievement of the band, by creating through the melody, intensity, message and feeling, one cinematic approach of our concept. Further more, with the help of our guests, which are the greatest musicians at this moment from the Romanian metal scene, we made a step forward by incorporating more genres, more vocal styles and elements which complements our vision, having the opportunity to give one more realistic feel to all the characters of our story, besides our orchestrations and vocals. In our point of view, this is the path that we should follow, this is the story that we must tell to the world. And finally, but not last, due to Jan’s magic, the artwork and imagery will complete the whole story, once again, bloodstained at its roots.”


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