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We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Team Tremolo’s new song “Slipping the Noose” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Intruder, which is scheduled to be released through Air House Records on August 29th.

Spanning a range of moods from major and airy to dissonant and devilish, Team Tremolo’s debut EP, Intruder, showcases emotionally charged compositions that transport listeners to a place where My Bloody Valentine and Ride swap shoes with Failure and A Perfect Circle. It was in these bands that Team Tremolo’s founding member and guiding creative force William Erickson found his earliest inspiration for the group. “I was born in 1995,” he says, “so I missed out on a lot of the shoegaze from the ‘90s, but in the past few years I’ve fallen in love with the alt-rock of that era.”

What initially began as a bedroom demo project in 2013 morphed into a full band by late 2015. Joining Erickson (who played both guitar and drums on the record) are his bandmates from The Travel Guide—guitarist Kristyn Chapman, guitarist Thayne Coleman, and bassist Caleb Drummond—as well as singer-songwriter Jenny Wood. “I didn’t really intend for this to be a live band until I realized I wanted to take the material I’d been working on and bring them into the light,” says Erickson. “I really wanted to see how the songs would play out once I got some people together who I felt could help polish and shape them.”

Climbing up through a wall of distorted guitars, Wood adds her singular vocals, informed by the ethereal tendencies of Kate Bush and the hazy, dejected state of grunge; guitarist Chapman brings her own sense of dynamics and space, informed by but not slave to peak-era Sonic Youth; Drummond expands the album’s sonic horizons by solidifying a tight rhythm section with his steady but consistently imaginative playing. At the end of “The Waif,” listeners can feel the pulverizing force of the Erickson/Chapman/Coleman guitar trio, as layers and layers of feedback and fuzz are piled on top of each other.

The cohesion evident in Team Tremolo’s first recording may stem from the interconnecting musical lives all the players have shared. In addition to The Travel Guide, Erickson, Drummond, and Coleman all serve as the backing band for Wood’s solo band. Despite those intersections, Team Tremolo maintains a distinctive musical identity stemming from Erickson taking on writing duties for the project. “In every other project I’ve done, I’ve only ever been the drummer. This was my chance to direct the writing process and try something new.”

With writing complete, the group retired to Air House Studios in Wichita to track with veteran engineer Micajah Ryan (Bob Dylan, Megadeth, Guns N’ Roses) and Air House founder David Lord. Co-produced by Erickson and Ryan, the album exemplifies the intersection between alt-rock and shoegaze, blending pop sensibility with crushing, wall-of-sound atmospherics. “I really wanted to make a heavy, loud record [at Air House] since no one really had before,” Erickson says. “I’ve worked with Micajah on a number of projects and wanted to see what it’d be like to work with him in a completely different context.”

Mastered by JJ Golden, Intruder will be available as a digital release on August 29 through Air House with a cassette version to follow via This Ain’t Heaven Recording Concern.

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