“It’s a short tune about how the early settlers in America killed, raped, stole their children, and used the natives as slaves. They used to infect blankets with small pox and give them to the natives as gifts hoping to make them sick and die as an example. Disturbing past, all in the name of greed and religion.” – THRIF (The Human Race Is Filth)

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of THRIF’s new song “Native Biological Warfare” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP Liberate, which is scheduled to be released on April 6, 2018. You can pre-order the EP here.

About the band:

THRIF is a duo from York, Pennsylvania, infusing filthiest elements of sludge, doom, crust, d-beat and grind into their parlous form of music. Both members Kasey and Paul have been releasing a slew of materials and playing tons of shows with their other bands Bittered, Police State and Mans Plague for the last few years (releases below). THRIF’s debut EP Human Exposed was their 7th release together in just a span of 2 years. In addition, Paul has released an album of his long time running band Exterminance in 2016 via Lost Apparitions Records.

THRIF continues displaying their hostility against all sorts of social injustices, immoral activities of cops and authoritative figures through the forthcoming release Liberate, an EP containing 8 songs of punishing and crusty as hell sludge/grindcore mayhem. The duo profoundly offers lethal overdoses of traumatizing discordant riffs, rage fueled harsh vocals, and disintegrating rapid drumming. Whether the tempo chooses the slow-moving, thick sludgy path or fast grinding route, the destructive atmosphere of their music keeps regurgitating.

The band has been playing shows all over the east coast of the USA and have tour dates scheduled from The East Coast through Canada in April and May to support the new EP.

Tour Dates:
3/27 Lancaster PA @ Kaleidoscope
4/13 – Durham NC @ Wall Of Sound
4/14 Richmond VA @ McCormac’s Irish Pub
4/21 Coplay, PA @ The Building
4/27 Baltimore, MD @ Sparta Inn
4/28 Stroudsburg, PA @ Bards
5/10 Toronto, Canada @ Coalition
5/11 Montreal Canada @ L1Entre Nous
5/12 Quebec City or NH TBA
5/13 NY TBA
6/16 Philadelphia, PA @ Century

Connect with the band:
Official Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

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