We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Thunderclap’s new song “Low End” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Inebriocean, which is scheduled to be released on LP and digital platforms on March 29th through Financial Ruin, with distribution through Dead Tank Records. You can purchase the album here.

Fans of Torche, Red Fang, Royal Thunder, and Kylesa need to hear Thunderclap.

Thunderclap guitarist/lyricist Ale Gasso commented:

When you think about the theme of the album – the Inebriocean – the ocean represents the darkness and despair of an inebriated life, nearly drowning yet thriving in a dangerous place where one has lost control.

‘Low End’ plays on that theme, wavering in between the story of nearly drowning after crashing into the middle of the ocean and just crashing in life in general. It is a low point in the story of the album but it does end with a hint of optimism. ‘Daylight washes/ What the night dragged in/ All the filth & rubble/ From the storms within/ Our midnight struggles/ All the things we can’t win/ The shadows we harbor/ A touch of the wicked.’

Upcoming Shows:
4/04/2019 Loosey’s – Gainesville, FL * record release show
4/19/2019 The Atlantic – Gainesville, FL @ 352 Fest

About the band:

Smoothly melding elements of metal and classic rock into a thick layer of swampy southern groove and doom, Thunderclap’s output a far cry from its members other/former acts. The trio’s members, Todd Rockhill, Ale Gasso, and Danny Welsh, have collectively played with Discount, Army Of Ponch, The Draft, Unitas, J.Page, House On Fire, Black Cougar Shock Unit, and many others through the years before this act.

Thunderclap combines poetry and music with different movements, tones and emotions wrapped together to create a complete experience for listeners rather than just the average one-dimensional song. Breaking away from the traditional hardcore that permeated the scene at the time, they added layers of visual and conceptual feeling to the dark, heavy music which they felt properly reflected what they were feeling inside.

Inebriocean is a journey, combining songs of varying lengths, moods and genres in order to replicate the true experience of life and art. The album’s seven lush tunes boast attributes of classic Southern rock and modern doom metal in a seamless blend of empowering riffs and emotive atmospheres. With additional vocals on the track “47” by Rachel Ryder, Inebriocean was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Williams at Black Bear Studios in Gainesville, and completed with cover art by Ted Lincoln.

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