We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Timmy’s Organism ‘s new album Survival Of The Fiendish (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on October 5, 2018 through Burger Records. You can purchase the album here.

About the album:

Timmy Vulgar (guitar/vocals) made Survival of the Fiendish in six months in spring 2018 with Jeff Giant (bass) and Blake “Bovver” Hill (drums), two guys who’ve been the beating about-to-burst heart of the Organism for about three albums now, including one for Third Man and one for In The Red. Now Timmy is partnering up with garage rock powerhouse, Burger Records, for their new LP.

Timmy’s Organism creates the kind of scuzzy post-apocalyptic proto-punk that could only come from the home of Robocop, the murder city Detroit, MI!

TRACK BY TRACK by Timmy Vulgar


The nectar obtained when the music machine and machinist are weakened. Giving one strength to tear down walls, blister thunderous guitar licks that kill and maim every nor-my in its path. Galactic Freaks on parade.


Theres only a small part of Detroit that “can” be safe, small pockets here and there in the city that hardly cover the total 150 miles it is. Its still a rough town and I’m saying that lightly. You have to be street smart no matter what.(that is a fact) A story of a one man gang, in the wild mid west-that is Detroit.

A 70’s gang youth B movie tune. With top of the line heavy guitar hooks.


A tortoise and the hair inspired song.

From a hungry artist and starved musician stand point. This career can feel like a rat race. Or maybe you can’t find your weed?


Michigan winters are hell.


I would take a Taxi to a Bus from Detroit, then wait for the south shore train in Chicago to go see my baby doll. I wrote a poem on the train that turned into this song. Fondest memories in my life.


A gold digger dating a dude with no gold. But its a metaphor because you got a heart of gold and she wants to steal that thing.


I was prescribed a few depression medications and it made me feel so much worse. It might work for some but not for me. A friend and I were talking about a certain med it was like we were given a lobotomy. It is devastating that these psychiatrists get a cut from big drug companies to prescribe pills that make people feel way worse or even to the verge of suicide.


Nobody said it was easy. When ya got the blues ya gotta sing the blues.


The funniest God. The God of laughter. The God of Comedy.


An anthem for the Punks, the Freaks, the down and out, the ignored, the vagrants, the poor, the homeless, the OUTCASTS, the MISUNDERSTOOD!!!!

Tour Dates:
10/12 Chicago IL @ Thalia Hall *
10/13 Cleve OH @ Beachland Ballroom *
10/16 Buffalo NY @ Mohawk
10/17 NYC @ Warsaw *
10/18 Detroit @ Marble Bar
10/19 Milwaukee @ Cactus Club
10/20 Minneapp MN @ Moon Palace Books
10/21 Fargo ND @ Sidestreet
10/23 Missoula MT @ the Union Bar
10/24 Seattle WA @ Funhouse
10/25 Portland OR @ the Liquor Store
10/26 San Francisco CA @ Vacation Vintage
10/27 Los Angelas CA @ Hi Hat
10/29 Phoenix AZ @ Lunch Box
10/30 El Paso TX @ Monarch
10/31 Austin TX @ Hotel Vegas ~
11/1 New Orleans LA @ Poor Boys ~
11/2 Atlanta GA @ the Earl ~
11/3 Memphis TN @ Bar DKDC ~
11/4 Nashville TN @ Cobra Lounge ~
11/5 Louisvile KY @ Kaiju
11/6 Columbus OH @ Ace of cups

* w/ Oh Sees
~ w/ John Wesley Coleman III

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