If you are a fan of Hootenanny era Replacements, then we have a treat for you today with the full album stream premiere of the Blanks’ Yellow Fading Glimmer (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on July 6, 2018. You can purchase the album here.

Mike Ried of The Blanks commented on the album:

‘Yellow Fading Glimmer’ explores the realities of getting older and coming to terms with your failures, but like, you can still dance to it, y’know? The yellow fading glimmer is both personal and celestial, but it’s mostly a rock and roll album.

Check out the track by track provided by the band below.


One Thing I Know

Someone somewhere struggles to fit into something and learns to scratch an itch. It rocks a little bit but more importantly, it rolls.

High on It

Catchy little number about falling in love with a young professional gal, who represents all kinds of things, probably. As close as The Blanks will ever get to surf rock.

I Didn’t Ask for This

Who did, really? But here we are. And this rocker makes us think about all the things we have but never wanted, but then maybe did want after all. We dare you to get the bouncy bass line out of your head.

Simple as a Song

People talk a lot about doing things they’ll never ever do and this song is a list of them. This early rock and roll-inspired song is so simple, it’s complex, because meta.

Broken Home

You’ve made your bed, now you’ll lie in it. A series of mistakes over a hummable riff. Forlorn organ and breathy backing vocals really drive home the tragic nature of this song.

Best You Can

This ballad shows the softer side of The Blanks and delivers what will soon become known as ‘a Blanks apology.’ Sparse and steady with tinkling piano and oohs galore.

Old Fashioned

Those last two songs were heavy. Time for some fun. Just dance to this and don’t think too much about the jingle-jangle electric keys or snappy beat.


This song is the feeling in your mouth after you wake up from a long night of drinking alone. Circus organ and echoey guitar soak this drunken lullaby in regret. You’re the perfect audience for this song you sing to yourself.

What Ever Happened to Kissin’

Hey, slow down. Aren’t you going to kiss me first? Country-rock is the best place to explore the lack of romance and meaningful affection in one’s life.

Sugar for Sugar

You get what you ask for. Which in this case is a song so short you’ll wonder how they packed so much into it. Also, the album title taken from this one.

Some People

A love song for the dying middle class. People in boxes and all the meters spinning in this blues waltz. But for what?

Walk Away

You learn to walk before you learn to run. Listen carefully for the Djembe. It’s the most important part of this song.

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About the band:

Shortly after releasing an album produced by garage rock royalty Jim Diamond, The Blanks initially disbanded back when bands had Myspace pages.

The members of The Blanks spread throughout the country as real life started to set in, but would keep in touch and find themselves bashing out songs in garages and basements like they used to. It wasn’t long before they were back in the studio together in southern California to record Yellow Fading Glimmer. The time apart sounds to have paid off, finding a rejuvenated band blasting through a set of jangly tunes, like “High On It” and “I Didn’t Ask For This,” yet finding time to slow things down with lo fi slow burners like “Broken Home”.

You can pick up a copy of Yellow Fading Glimmer at one of the band’s two California release shows – on July 6th at Brick and Mortar in San Francisco, or July 7th at the Riviera Supper Club & Turquoise Room in La Mesa, CA.

Top photo by Reams Photo

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