We’re stoked to bring you “Breathless,” the title track, and one of the most headbang-inducing songs, from Tunguska Mammoth’s latest full-length. Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, the four-piece fuses classic doomy sludge and stoner sensibilities with complex riffs and melodies on their latest record, Breathless. After releasing their first album in 2013, the band has been constantly either on the road, writing new songs or recording music. Their latest record offers the same intensity as their previous releases, with a slightly more refined sound, and more focus on riff structure and nuance.

“‘Breathless’ was first written on a jamming weekend, and went through many different phases prior to resulting in its current form,” the band explained. “At first, it was more of a rock and punk song, to give you an idea. It didn’t sit well with us, so we started to remove some bits here and there, added some other bits, continued to remove more stuff and so on, until it became what might be the heaviest song of the record.”

If you dig this track, look for the full release, out May 11, 2018 through Deathbound Records.

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