We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Ungraved Apparition’s new full-length album PULSE_0 (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on April 23rd through GrimmDistribution. You can purchase the album here.

Track By Track:


In this work, we wanted to look into the eerie reality of a person who is between two worlds: the world of the living and the world of the dead, and consequently, torn between them. Before us, the drama of a tortured human soul, tormented by hallucinations unfolds and wants to return to the living world, but it has only one last effort … .. ..

“Гнилостные бактерии” (“The Putrefactive Bacteria”)

Everyone is striving for something in this life, everyone reaches their heights and lives his story, but all stories have one end – worms in gloom!
What if consciousness for a while remains, and the deceased feel how their bodies are eaten by grave beetles? That if there is neither hope nor continuation, there is only darkness and dampness of the grave …………… ..

“Спаси !” (“Save me!”)

In this work we decided to look at all the horror and suffering of people in the hospital, not on behalf of the patient, but on behalf of the employee – Surgeon! Sarcasm with whom he looks at the whole situation and cries for help. A cynic to the marrow of bones, which with a smile watches this death conveyor called a hospital

“Неумершее явление” (“Ungraved Apparition”)

The album’s flagship! In this track, the combination of several styles at once, as in the text tells a whole story from the first person. At the beginning of Technical Death metal – it tells how the main character gets suddenly into a car accident. In the middle of Death metal – a slow swaying, tells how demonized honey workers appear on the stage and take the main character to the local branch. Next is a mixture of Death metal and Metal core – the narrative of what kind of fucking happens in the walls of the hospital, all this hell, dirt and absolute indifference of the “masters” who, like sadists, with a smile lead all this bacchanalia. The ending is measured Death Doom Metal, tells how the main character gets to the ground floor and goes through all the stages of rigor mortis gradually forgetting in the morgue’s refrigerator.

“Гангрена” (“Gangrene”)

In this work, we observe the struggle between two: a man and a deadly disease. Opponents are implacable and eventually one will win.

“Пыль” (“Dust”)

In this work there is a narrative of what stages of the other world the soul of a person passes, before dissolving into oblivion. Probably, this is the only work that can be called 100% Death Doom Metal, as it is created according to all its canons. Sometimes finding peace in death is a way out, because there is no strength to continue the course of life. The listener, together with the protagonist, passes from the quiet beginning to the dramatic end all the steps of comprehension of the inevitable.

About the band:

Ungraved Apparition is a dark metal unit from Ekaterinburg, Russia. It was founded in late 2014 by three members of Micky Babossa (guitar), Paul Kas (drums), and Leon Kratt (bass guitar). In the process of creating the material, the musicians felt the need for a powerful and heavier sound, thus in August 2015 Bones Taker joined them as the second guitar, mainly for playing the solos. Accompanying him was Damned for the role of the vocalist.

By the beginning of 2016, having formed a concert program and having removed the clip “Гнилостные бактерии,” Ungraved Apparition conducted a series of concerts in the cities of Russia. Since 2016, the musicians entered the studio to record a studio album. The main idea behind the album was the merging of two worlds: the world of depression and despair from incurable diseases, the sadism of bloody surgery experiments;  And the afterlife, inhabited by the suffering souls of the dead people, the chilling horror of which is squeezed by convulsive cries in the throat.

Utilizing crushing heavy riffs interlaced with more melodic sections to create an environment of decay, spearheaded by a ghastly vocal attack, the band achieve their goal with aggression as well as atmosphere. PULSE_0 is a single concept of how musicians see the inner world of a person and his desperate struggle for every minute of life.

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