We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Univore’s new song “Fun In The Sun” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s new album Conch, which is officially out today.

The band commented on the song:

Life partners share a responsibility to speak frankly with one another about the inevitable course of their relationship, should they have the fortitude to see it to its natural end. Mutual honesty lies at the center of this conversation, since it must conclude with the recognition that, yes, one partner must die first. ‘Fun In The Sun’ represents a variation of this conversation, supplemented with an airy synth and the creamy vocal stylings of Sagan Jacobsen.

About the band:

Univore is a prolific and mostly undiscovered musical team that has never performed live, electing instead to market our music through video, putting our time and effort into releasing new material that otherwise would be spent touring.  Univore has written and recorded six LPs, various original short film scores, and have created over 40 original videos to promote their music since 2010.

Univore is Nicholas Flandro and David Bachmann, a media production duo concerned with original music, visual art, and the written word operating out of Chicago’s west side. Univore started recording music in 2010, when it released Casale Project, followed by Love Letters (2011), Beasts From A Silk Womb (2013), Mysteries (2015), and Time Crystal (2017). Univore has been described as “approaching absurdity but showing enough restraint to be consistently tasteful.”

Univore recorded, produced, and mixed all tracks at their home studio, Chubby Luggage, in the Humboldt Park neighborhood on the west side of Chicago. The recording was made with the use of acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel guitar, bass, synthesizers, vibraphone, electronic and acoustic drums and vocals.

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