“‘I Live in a Bubble’ examines the life of a restless and housebound dog, scratching at doors and getting into mischief in an effort to escape a feeling of imprisonment. A trapped dog knows there is a world outside the confines of his house. It beckons him to explore and to find new things and sniff new smells. Humans in our way want to do the same thing, and yet we control our own confines, and we sometimes restrict our own exploration for fear of regret, or the judgement of others.” – Van Goat

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Van Goat’s new single “I Live In A Bubble” (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on April 27, 2018.

The band continued: “The song is a reflection about miscreant dogs we claim to own, and also our minds which too often own us. If we hope to find new meaning when it has been lost, or drowned out, we may look to the spirit of adventure which our canine friends possess, and follow them into the woods.”

Upcoming Shows:
April 20 – San Jose, CA at The Caravan Lounge
April 27 – Santa Cruz, CA at The Crepe Place
April 28 – San Francisco, CA at Hemlock Tavern
May 18 – Long Beach, CA at Muldoons Saloon
May 19 – Santa Barbara, CA at Mercury Lounge
May 25-26 – Reno, NVat Gremfest
June 9 – San Diego, CA at Manhattan Bar
July 27 – Vacaville, CA at Creekwalk

About the band:

Punk. Swing. Ragtime. Southern jazz. Surf. Van Goat is a band to which you could apply many labels, but none would quite prepare you for what you’re about to hear as you pop on your headphones and queue up their album.

Harnessing the diverse DIY aesthetic of their native Oakland, they screen print their own t-shirts, record their own music, book their own tours, and fix their own van. Van Goat is in the business of writing not only songs that you can dance to, but entire albums that you can enjoy front to back without pausing or skipping: a musical experience wherein each successive song’s mottled riffs and bewildering charisma is pleasantly startling.

New single “I Live in a Bubble” offers sentiment true to its title in a boisterous-yet-sensible musing on the self-imposed social and ideological bubble in which we often find ourselves living. Veiled beneath rip-roaring drumbeats, thinly distorted licks, and fast-drawling harmonies, Van Goat reflects on our drive to live within and muses upon why we’re often so reluctant to live without.

“A dog lives in its house – it defends it, and it barks, and it fights anything that comes through it,” says singer/lyricist Aidan Ward. “We all tend to react this way to other people who are coming into our lives and going against what’s the most comfortable and accommodating to our bubbles.”

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