Violet photo by Aaron Pepelis

Occupying the sonic space between black and doom metal, Providence, RI act Violet have a gargantuan sound that’s powerful and emphatic. Featuring Kevin Curley on guitar and vocals, Chris Carrera on lead guitar, Matt Desmarais on bass and Marc St. Sauveur on drums, this quartet shreds with their debut self-titled EP. It’s a consistently hard hitting release that doesn’t back down. Curley’s growls makes the ears feel like they’re taking a trip into the depths of hell while the rest of the band brings a plethora of noise. There are also epic tones and driving song structures that anchor Violet’s material.

“Marc [St. Sauveur] and I had talked about playing some music for years but were always too busy with other projects to get something going, “ Curley says on the beginnings of Violet. “We found some time in mid-2015, started writing and soon enough needed a bass player. Matt [Desmarais] was already a good friend of ours so it just made sense to ask him. Chris Carrera recently joined on guitar. The only thing akin to a mission statement we have is to write music that we want to hear. To make music that fills a gap in our own record collections.”

Starting the EP off in thunderous fashion, “Haunter” is highlighted by St. Sauveur’s incredible drumming skills being the back bone. Both Curley’s and Carrera’s guitars unleash unbridled fury right from the beginning. Possessing a heavy dose of sludge, “Urizen” is a prime example of Violet’s epic tones previously mentioned. “Wind Hex” destroys everything in its path without a change of pace and no breakdowns, just constant riffing and sheer amplification. The track gets more and more intense as the minutes pass by.

Violet’s next show will be at Psychic Readings located on the second floor of 95 Empire Street within the AS220 complex in downtown Providence on May 27 (RSVP). They will be joined by Keyport, NJ instrumental post-hardcore act NY in 64 and local punks Weak Teeth and The Hurt Ensemble. While you’re at the show, make sure to grab a copy of the new EP. For now, stream it and buy it here.


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