We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Wayfarer Youth’s new EP Moving Mountains, which is scheduled to be officially released on January 8, 2017 through White Russian Records / PowertripRecords. You can pre-order the album through both labels here: White Russian Records | PowertripRecords

Get some backstory on the EP from Wayfarer Youth below the stream.

“Writing the songs on the ‘Moving Mountains’ EP started about two years ago. This was a period in which many of us were done with our studies, and started looking for ways to live our lives. Searching for jobs, looking for love, handling the expectations of our families and friends, and observing other people who are in the same positions as ourselves. These are some of the central themes of the record. Even though much has changed in our lives over the past years, life sometimes seems to be standing still. There seems to be no clear direction. This is accompanied by feelings of frustration and fear. During these moments, meeting our own expectations can be as impossible as ‘Moving Mountains.’

Releasing the record has taken a while. We recorded all five songs at Big Dog Recordings in Antwerp, Belgium, in January last year. We spent three long days working on this. After the songs were mixed and mastered, we spent some time looking for the right artwork. We initially cooperated with an artist, but we were not really satisfied with her work. Without our permission, she announced that she would not adjust her work anymore, until we would pay more. We then decided to cancel our cooperation with her. This entire process took us a couple of months. We continued looking for other artwork and finally bought very cool artwork from a Vietnamese artist. We all immediately had the feeling of the artwork fitting perfectly to the songs. This has become the cover of our record.”


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