We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of WIBG’s new song “Sunshine” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Winnie the Nihilist, which is scheduled to be released through Exag Records on November 10th. You can pre-order the album here.

The band commented on the song:

“On our first European tour we rented a Citroën Berlingo that quickly earned the nickname ‘Shitty Berlingo.’ It stank and overheated unless the heater was cranked… the stereo was stolen. Silence beyond conversation. Shitty only broke down once atop some holy mountain in Italy. We were also left stranded for 48hrs in Madrid, but only because a nice dude on ecstasy mistakingly pocketed our keys after a dance party. We developed a tumultuous yet loving relationship with this shitty blue van that opened up new worlds for us.

The music for ‘Sunshine’ was composed in the backseat of Shitty while driving with a surreal hangover across rural Spain on an accidental day off after Madrid. It was the first tune written off our forthcoming record ‘Winnie and the Nihilist.’ At some point the words became about what one might see looking up as one drowned alone in the ocean… maybe some sort of vision, face or energy that takes you down that last elevator, deep into basement abyss. Hey, it’s a pop song.”

In their current state of designed perpetual flux WIBG has found some serious footing. Since 2012 Justin Fowler, Dan Galucki have consistently churned out shimmering, spasmodic psych rock of an exceptional degree. Since joined by Nathan Moore and Cory Gray in 2016, the crew has found a sort of chaotic cohesion. Many tours across the United States and Europe with the likes of FUZZ, Built to Spill and countless other groups of questionable individuals have left WIBG wise, weathered and thankful for the opportunity to shred. On tip toes and with bloody hands WIBG creates something more than songs. Their singular style is an organic cacophony of scattered metallic sway and lascivious throbbing that will leave you writhing and shaking into the wee hours.

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