News: Strung Out Announces New Album

Californian rock band Strung Out announced a new full length studio album, Dead Rebellion, set to release April 5 via Fat Wreck Records. The album was produced by Shawn McGee. The first single off the album, “Cages,” has already been released.

Amongst the challenges of the global pandemic, Dead Rebellion signifies a pivotal juncture as they celebrate 35 years of musical prowess. It embraces a distinctive mid-tempo and heavy vibe that prioritizes melody over speed. The thematic core of the album delves into the complexities of societal issues, personal struggles and the divisive impact of the technologically-driven world.

Stream “Cages” here.
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Vocalist, Jason Cruz about Dead Rebellion:

“Dead Rebellion is a love letter to our fans, and the product of a 34-year negotiation with ourselves and the world. It was written, performed, and produced with a deep conviction that none of this is in vain, and if you love something enough, it will always take care of you in the end. For example, the song “Cages” explores the self-imposed limitations that hold us back, like blame and self-victimization. Only by eliminating these from the equation can true growth occur.”

This album was always going to be different despite what ended up happening with Strung Out’s previous record and this new collection of tracks, given that it’s the band’s 10th album of their 35-year career. It was also written during the peak of the pandemic. It sticks to the same concept that it’s a reaction to what’s happening within the world and their personal experiences within it. Before the pandemic, they were going to put an end to that concept, and Jason Cruz says that they felt they got to the point that it would be repetitive within their music. It’s not to say that these 12 songs don’t pack a punch, yet the way the band focused on melody over riffs is definitely noticeable.

Cruz’s take on the band and their fans:

“People always talk shit about religious people and spirituality, like, ‘Oh, you believe in a man in the sky.’ But then the same people come up to me and look to me like I, or my songs, have the answers to their questions. Because everyone’s looking for something; everybody needs something. Sometimes, as a dad and as a husband, I wish I could call my dad or somebody and just ask ‘What the fuck do I do here?’ Everybody needs a Northern star. So, while those two lines kind of contradict each other, at the same time they lend to each other that we’re all just looking for something, and we all put our belief in something, no matter how ridiculous or superstitious it is. And those things can let you down, but they also can rise you up.”

Regardless of the pressure it may have put on the band, and Cruz’s insecurity that being a Northern star could let people down, Strung Out’s songs have been lifting people up for three and a half decades and Dead Rebellion is no different. Cruz sees this world as incredibly divided and one that sees people constantly building down what he calls “ideological walls” around each other, as mentioned within “Cages.” Technology and divisiveness are the keys to this record. Cruz felt abandoned in a way by a lot of things. Not being able to bring people together makes it quite difficult and it seeps within the lyrics.

Produced, mixed, and recorded by Shawn McGee at Artistry Recording Studio in Las Vegas, it might represent a new chapter for Strung Out, but it’s guided by the same principles that have always driven them. And while Cruz says he’s never thought of Strung Out as a political band, this record, like all Strung Out records, has captured the zeitgeist and the self-destructive political climate, especially in the United States, perfectly.

Cruz on politics:

“I struggle with the political thing. I don’t think we’re political. I think we’re just human. We’re a bunch of guys who are like everybody else. We’re not that smart. We’re just five guys that had nothing in common, and we’ve proved to the world that you can come together and make something beautiful if you put your bullshit aside. It’s as simple as that.”

Overtly political or otherwise, Dead Rebellion is a record informed and reacting to the world we live in through all the experience and wisdom that Cruz has attained over the years. It’s also built on the unwavering principles that the band has had at their core from the very beginning. So, while Cruz hopes that it can help unify people, he’s more than aware that that’s very likely too much to ask. But that doesn’t mean he’s not going to try.

Tour Dates with Less Than Jake:

March 15: St. Petersburg, FL @ Jannus Live
March 16: Charleston, SC @ Music Farm
March 17: Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel
March 18: Norfolk, VA @ NorVa
March 20: Boston MA @ Big Night Live
March 21: Brooklyn NY @ Warsaw
March 22: Montreal, QC @ L’Olympia
March 23: Ottawa, ON @ Bronson Centre
March 24: Toronto, ON Canada @ History
March 26: Grand Rabids, MI, @ The Intersection
March 27: Bloomington, IL @ The Castle Theatre
March 28: Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s
March 29: Reading, PA @ Reverb

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