Sunndrug have released an eerie lyric video for their song “Shining.” The song has a rather melancholic tone attached to it, with dancing pianos notes between twangy guitars. The vocals are rather reserved, steadily flowing between the instruments without trying to overpower them. The song is the second single from their debut record Exit Wounds. The LP will be released via Mind Over Matter Records on October 31st.

Sunndrug had this to say about Exit Wounds and the song, “We worked with ITAL/C studio to create the album art, and they gave us some great imagery to work with,” says Reeves, who is the vocalist for the new project. “Ron Thompson shot the photos and we wanted to edit them together in a way that supported the dark feel of ‘Shining.'”

“‘Shining’ was the last song we wrote before starting to record the album. Its working title was ‘bonham song’ because the sonic inspiration for it came from the way Led Zeppelin played the blues. Its a jilted love story based around the setting of a well curated online life being a mirage for a person whose reality doesn’t live up to it. The end of the song is a moment on the record I’m particularly proud of because I think the music evokes something even without lyrics.”

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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