The Loss Of rose from the ashes of traumatic experiences that have effected each of us in Suntitle in recent years – constant loss or struggles opioids, passing of loved ones, being self aware of our strengths and flaws,” commented the band.

“‘Art’ in particular, is a song about not surpassing or even meeting expectations. Whether it’s from significant others, writing music, or feeling like we belong alongside our peers, this song covers emotions that most people hope to never face after adolescence. It was the last song written for the EP. We were in the studio and had just thrown away a song that we spent too much time on. However, I was sitting on this new riff for a while and I had not shown this to anyone at the time. I was playing it and our producers (Nik Bruzzese and Ace Enders) convinced us that we must flesh it out. This song was built from the remnants of what seemed like defeat. Coincidentally, ‘Art’ is about being self aware but with the math not adding up to explain why things occur the way they do.”

Suntitle is an alternative emo band for fans of introspective thinking and loud sounds. The EP The Loss Of is set to release February 17th on GTR Records. You can pre-order the album here.

The band will be holding their release show on February 17, 2018. Stay tuned for more details.

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