A one stop guide that sheds light on five distinct courses of action to take for decreasing the stress required to manage the Holidays. It is best to immediately to find a way to cool one’s nerves. There’s a sweet meditation guide that focuses on trusting the universe and letting go of the will to be in control, because let’s be honest: the Holidays should not be a place for fear and trying to even put a reign on the holidays is like trying to lasso one giant crowd in panic. For more about that, follow this link, or check out the Headspace App (for more mobile friendly options)/ Otherwise, read below for easy gift ideas and things to keep in mind for smoothing the process of the various festivities that surround the Winter Solstice.


Emmet Otter’s Jug-band Christmas

Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas is a pure familial gathering that gives the voice of this particular holiday a dashing spirit. A children storybook that was written by Russell Hoban in 1971, it has since been turned into a T.V. program, and quite the adorable one at that. If you’re not interested in this program or story, definitely give this a shot while finding things to watch to soothe that aching, festive soul.


An admirable little furry creature can’t do that much harm, right? The premise of Gremlins surrounds the Holidays only by coincidence of the season in the plot, but this slightly terrifying, laugh out loud (while screaming bloody murder) film is a must see if the holidays make you want to unwind by seeing what the actual goal of inventing Ferbie’s was.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The holiday season just doesn’t feel right without having major motion picture franchise blockbusters breaking records at the box office and this is the movie that will do just that. Also, it is Star Wars and such a cultural phenomenon that there will be plenty of people investing their time and children and deep, loving passion of expertise to watch this new chapter of Mickey Mouse take shape.


Sufjan Stevens Christmas Album

Various people have their favorite artists who have recreated classic songs or dove into their own spiritual identities and build songs for the holidays. Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Sufjan Stevens is just one special artist, with an atmosphere that breathes deep relaxation, just take a listen yourself.

Tim Minchin: White Wine In The Sun

For fans of Minchin, this song needs no introduction. For those that are not in the know, “White Wine In The Sun” is a yearly ritual for Minchin to donate any earnings to The National Autistic Society. For more info, visit this link. There are two versions to this song and each one donates proceeds to The NAS.

Hanukkah Tales and Tunes 

This is a great singalong song and series from Video Treasure Inc.


Generally, it is more helpful to avoid stressing oneself out. The holidays have many reasons to build stress, including; finances, traffic, busier shopping centers, family gatherings (and sometimes [often?] extraneous debate between members over social issues), holiday parties with strangers or coworkers, staying warm, not knowing if a beloved member will be home & many more. Making the decisions to best support yourself will undoubtedly be the best path, avoiding the crazy time that is the 12th month of every long year.


Weed. The people that surround you with love and care. Music and art. Comfort food. A support system.Courtney Barnett. End of the year lists of 2017.


Julien Baker – Turn Out The Lights 

Vibes Hi-Fi Ear Plugs 

Urban Body Jewelry




This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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