Chicago-based vinyl subscription service Table-Turned announces it second round of records today with two new packages – post-rock and grunge revival. Though the first records for this round won’t be mailed until July 1, interested subscribers can sign up until April 1 for a special Early Bird Price at $160.

Subscriptions are open until June 30 but, starting April 1, the subscription fee will increase to its regular $175. Interested subscribers will be given the option to pay the entire fee up front or $15 per month for twelve months. This month-to-month plan will only be available until May 31.

Table-Turned sends its subscribers new records in the mail each month. Instead of telling them what to enjoy, though, the service empowers subscribers to select the genre from two options. The records they receive each month will not only include some of that genre’s best, but will also expose them to bands and albums they might have missed.

For their first round, which included Pop-Punk and Emo Revival packages, Table-Turned partnered with several independent labels to find the best music for their subscribers, including Topshelf Records, No Sleep Records, Tiny Engines, Bad Timing Records, Broken World Media, Take This To Heart Records, and many more. The service will begin announcing label partnerships for this next round starting April 1.

Subscribers can expect their first record on or around July 1, and on the first of each subsequent month for twelve months. New packages will launch with different genres in the coming months, along with new opportunities to subscribe.

For more information about each package and how to subscribe, please visit Table-Turned’s website.

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