Teenage Bottlerocket just dropped a new track, “I Wanna Be a Dog,” to promote the first day of preorders on their new record, Stay Rad! 

This record is an important one for the band, as it’s the first album of original material that they made following the death of their former drummer, and vocalist/guitarist Ray Carlisle’s twin brother, Brandon.

“I’m definitely proud of it,” says Ray in a press release. “It’s cool how we all came together through something so tragic and made one of our best records. I think Brandon would really love it. Stealing The Covers really helped us get back on our feet, and it was a cool in-between, but this record was something we wanted to make as excellent as possible.”

“I think we all had him in the back of our minds while writing and recording it,” adds vocalist/guitarist KodyTempleman. “I’d like to think that he would be happy with how it turned out.”

Preoreder the record here or grab tour tickets here


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