NYC-based electronic duo Tempers just dropped a new video, “Capital Pains,” from their forthcoming record, Private Life, which will be released October 25 on Dais Records.

“Capital Pains” kicks off the Private Life LP with echoic incantations and a pulse-tripping backbeat. Tapping into the envy and insecurity that pervades modern life, “Capital Pains” serves as the perfect, melancholic tone-set for Private Life.

Comprised of Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper, Tempers’ darkwave, ice-cold strain of electronica writhes in the shadows of disco and the glimmer of goth. Following a flurry of singles in 2013, Tempers began honing their sound by harnessing electronic production and unbridled vocals.Private Life is the poised continuation of Tempers’ cinematic aesthetic, tacking on moodier, more introspective landscapes.

Stay tuned to their Soundcloud to snag music and watch for updates. 


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