The 1984 Draft, a band who channels American rock sensibilities through a ‘90s-tinted punk and indie lens, is set to release the “Destination Breakdown” single in on November 27 via Poptek Records. The single was recorded by Fred Vahldiek (Dark Backward) at his Fredzoz studio in the band’s hometown of Dayton, Ohio. The band is recommended for fans of The Replacements, The Lemonheads, The Smoking Popes, Jawbreaker and Sugar.

Pre-order the 7″ here. Get it digitally here.  

The “Destination Breakdown” songs were written during isolation due to the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020. This marks the first time the band has released recordings without ever playing the songs to a live audience.

“The last six months have been really hard. Basically, my one social outlet was taken away from me in not being able to play shows.  I think I had to write just to survive”, singer/guitarist Joe Anderl said. “With the timing of the outbreak, I found myself dealing with deep emotional and mental struggles. I was trying to adjust working from home, keeping my family safe and secure, all while trying to personally figure out what all this meant and how to cope.”

“Then you add on the 2020 election cycle, cops killing innocent people, and people refusing to do what is right for the greater good and you begin to have even more anger. This pandemic has brought out the best and worst in people. I’ve lost friends because they don’t believe in mask wearing. I’ve lost friends because our beliefs on how people should be treated is different. I’m ok with that. I would rather have one less friend than not stand up for what is just and right in this world.”

For those unfamiliar with The 1984 Draft, the band is comprised of Anderl, guitarist Eli Alban, bassist Chip Heck, and drummer Justin Satinover. To date, the band have released a compilation track, a pair of EPs and an LP and supported Beach Slang, Radar State, Haymarket Riot, Hawthorne Heights, Extra Arms, Relaxer, Chris Conley of Saves The Day, Vinnie Caruana of The Movielife, Anthony Raneri of Bayside, Geoff Rickly of Thursday, Six Gallery and more.

The 1984 Draft previously released their LP, Makes Good Choices, in 2018 via Poptek Records. The album received rave reviews from Ghettoblaster MagazineWannabe The ComicA Diverse SoundSoundblabOklahoma LeftyUs For OncePunk Music UK and more, and topped that year’s “Best of the Year” at many other online outlets.

Their Heisman Trophy Winner EP was released via Gas Daddy Go! (the boutique label of former Guided By Voices drummer Don Thrasher) in November of 2015. They were also one of 24 Ohio bands featured on the 10th anniversary Aquabear Legion double vinyl compilation that year.

In 2014, The 1984 Draft released their EP, Bo Jackson Up The Middle, via We Want Action (84 Nash, She Bears, Tiara). The EPs were recorded at Popside Studio with Micah Carli (former guitarist for Hawthorne Heights), who also took up engineering and mastering duties on the Heisman Trophy Winner EP. Their Bo Jackson Up The Middle EP saw the light of day in advance of the release of an NFL Network documentary on the actual 1984 NFL Draft, in which the band is featured. NFL Films captured them live in the band’s hometown on January 10, 2014. The documentary aired on April 30, 2014 and continues to air each draft season on the NFL Network.


Tim Anderl is an American journalist from Dayton, Ohio, whose work has been published in Alternative Press, Strength Skateboarding Magazine, and Substream Music Press. He was previously the web editor of and is currently the editor of, a host of Sound Check Chat Podcast, and a contributing writer for New Noise Magazine, Ghettoblaster Magazine and Dayton City Paper.

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