Famous street punk band The Casualties just released the track “Borders” to vocalize their disdain for President Trump’s immigration policy. This track is from their latest album Written in Blood off Cleopatra Records,  and the protest track comes from a place of unbridled rage, fulfilling the punk prophecy of calling out hatred and political injustices.

The video features images of immigrants at the border. The tension is palpable, and the imagery is incredibly powerful. This track is a kick right to the gut and a poignant reminder of why vigilance in the face of adversity is essential. In an interview, frontman David Rodriguez says, “We wanted to show the band in our most raw form and give the viewer an idea of the different faces that this ‘border issue’ affects. Also, we’re not holding back on how we feel about Trump.”

The video is available to stream on Youtube and iTunes. The Casualties are currently on their European tour as well, and in the fall they will be starting their U.S. tour.

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