Canadian alt-rock band, The Dirty Nil just released a new track from their Master Volumes sessions, but don’t be fooled; it’s not any studio recording, but an entire universe in of itself.

This track is hypnotically delicious and delirious, and getting a separate release gives this single it’s due. With its alt-tinged melody and conscious lyrics this song is standing on its own.

Frontman Luke Bentham had this to say about releasing this track, “‘Astro Ever After’ is by no means an out-take from Master Volume. It’s an accompanying track that we chose to release after the bulk of the material simply because we can. Out of all the songs we recorded during the Master Volume sessions, this is certainly one of our favorites. For anyone with a space lust, and for those who appreciate the beauty and brevity of life, the majesty of the sky, and the sludge of stoner metal, this one’s for you. Please, friends, crank and enjoy.”

Electrifying and exciting, this track is not to be skipped and is currently available to stream on all platforms.


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