Swiss dynamos The Erkonauts have released the official video for “Machine” (watch below). The song is taken from the upcoming Kaotoxin Records reissue of I Did Something Bad.

Metalsucks recently praised I Did Something Bad in stating: “It is, perhaps, a bit reductive to say The Erkonauts are picking up where System Of A Down left off, but the comparison is ultimately apt: I Did Something Bad fe-ruiningly hooky, mosh-inducingly aggro, and philosophically bleak-yet-witty. We can assume from the album art that these dudes are Kubrick fans, and it shows in their approach to music.”

Check out the album stream of I Did Something Bad here.

The Erkonauts signed with Kaotoxin Records in August 2015 for the worldwide release of I Did Something Bad, which was originally debuted as a DIY effort a year ago. The album was mixed and mastered by Samael’s Drop, who lent his little-known ukulele skills to the recording.  The demand for the album was so high, the band had to repress it twice. The band, which features two ex-members of Sybreed, has toured across Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

The Kaotoxin Records reissue of I Did Something Bad features two brand new tracks not included on the original release and drops February 12. For pre-orders and additional merch visit this location.

The Erkonauts bring something fresh to the table with a sound that lies somewhere between mid-90s Suicidal Tendencies, early System Of A Down, and Primus, with a smart, progressive, alt-rock / metal / punk fusion of their very own.

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