The Falcon on Cover of New Noise Magazine Issue 23!

After our recent announcement about launching a flexi collection starting with The Falcon (Brendan Kelly,  Neil Hennessy, Daniel Andriano and Dave Hause), we’re excited to reveal they’re on the cover of issue #23 as well!

Flexi #001 will be included with New Noise Magazine issue #23 and features the song “Hasselhoff Cheeseburger,” taken from The Falcon’s forthcoming album, Gather Up The Chaps, out March 18th through Red Scare Industries.

The flexi collection will be available exclusively to our subscribers, so be sure to subscribe now to start your flexi collection with The Falcon flexi & cover! Each issue will include a different flexi, and a very limited number of leftover flexis will be placed in our online store here, but be sure to subscribe to not miss out on these!

You can subscribe here, and can grab the single issue here.

The Falcon – Gather Up The Chaps cover

Gather Up The Chaps Track Listing:
1. The Trash
2. War of Colossus
3. Sergio’s Here
4. The Skeleton Dance
5. Dead Rose
6. Hasselhoff Cheeseburger
7. The Fighter, The Rube, The Asshole
8. Sailor’s Grave
9. If Dave Did It
10. Glue Factory
11. You Dumb Dildos
12. Black Teeth

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