The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

San Antonio, Texas
Our Voices Will Soar Forever | May 3 | Prosthetic Records
RIYL: Biology 101. “The Thing.” Community care.

Photo by Jeremy Sanchez

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Named after the almond-shaped part of the brain responsible for memory and emotional response, Amygdala’s sound is also influenced by another question you got wrong on your high school biology test: the amoeba. Our Voices Will Soar Forever is an arresting, vehement first statement, one full of musical shapeshifting. This single-cell organism is hardcore punk at heart, but elements of black metal, sludge, crust, and death envelope the listener over the course of the album’s too-short runtime. This sonic ferociousness is paired with stunning emotional fervor. Vocalist Bianca Quiñones Cruz Benitez has a soaring voice, and it’s put to wonderfully dexterous use throughout, making the evocative and agonizing lyrics come alive. “The theme behind writing this record was trauma and healing, the different kinds of trauma marginalized folks endure, and the nonlinear journey we embark to heal ourselves,” Benitez says. This is wonderfully reflected in the nonlinearity of the music. “Healing ourselves,” they continue, “means healing a community. The motif behind this record is to end the stigma on mental health in Latinx [and] POC communities and end the generational violence behind the trauma.”

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