The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

Bad Looks
Los Angeles
Bad Looks | May 4 | Metal Assault Distro
RIYL: Cerberus. Unholy trinities. Tasty blends.

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Bad Looks come storming out of the gates of Hades with this three-headed beast of an EP. Boldly tackling different styles, each of the three songs carries the spirit of exploration, yet the result feels strikingly connected rather than disjointed. Hardcore punk, sludge, and metal collude in distinct but equal parts to create this little Cerberus of a cassette. Bad Looks is furious, hooky, aggressively melodic, and perfect for those who long for the mid 2000s Southern metalcore boom and love acts like He Is Legend and Every Time I Die. Vocalist and guitarist Alessandro Pulisci sums up the band’s creative drive nicely. “That adventurousness [from the mid ’00s] was something we talked about before we even finished these songs,” he explains. “We want to dabble in a variety of styles, and we wanted to announce that right out of the gate, so we tried to pick three songs that sounded different from each other but all like us.” It’s a huge credit to the trio that this triad of treble-heavy hardcore tunes beckons for seconds and thirds, which the band plan to serve up soon.

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