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Portland, Oregon 
Bothers | Out Now | Dirt Cult Records 
RIYL: British Predicaments. Apologies. Keep On Keepin’ On. 

In civilized society, one should apologize when they discover they are bothering someone. Of course, this Portland trio are the exact opposite of an apology—loud, brazen, bold, and a little unhinged. Their brand of punk feels familiar yet not pulling from the expected. It’s occasionally melodic, but this isn’t pop-punk. There’s a ferocious energy, but Bothers aren’t hardcore. It’s fast, but the songs are wisely curated and instantly memorable. Bothers is also pissed. There’s a few spoonfuls of manic frustration here, and that added layer of seasoning results in a delicious batch of punk energy. Those who love Wipers or Born Against will be at home. The band’s “mantra” suits their musical chaos wonderfully: “We’ve been friends with bad ideas for a long time,” they note. “If you ride out the bad ideas together long enough, someone is bound to cave, and you just keep moving. None of us know what we’re doing.” That vibe is perfectly played out in this haymaker of punk fury. 

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