The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

“Chalk Dust” & “Cursed” | June 12 & July 2 | 6131 Records
RIYL: DIY. Balance. Glasses half full and half empty.

Pick up “Chalk Dust” HERE and “Cursed” HERE!

We all need an outlet, someone or something to bounce ideas off of when we’re at our lowest. Some have best friends, others a spouse, and many look to different forms of art—and, yes, video games are art, damnit.

Philadelphia singer-songwriter Lexi Campion chose the latter, and that’s how the wonderful Grayling came to be. Campion writes and records the music herself—taking DIY very literally—which may explain why Grayling’s recent singles for 6131 Records, “Chalk Dust” and “Cursed,” are so distinct yet still connected by an earnest thread.

“Cursed” sounds like a power pop jam written by a noise rock band with heaps of true grit, while “Chalk Dust” is more pensive grunge pop. The songs are interlaced thanks to the solo act’s mode of creating, which is part of what makes them so passionate and immediately memorable.

“The two songs that have been released so far are about feeling stuck and stagnant,” Campion states. “When I was writing ‘Cursed’ in particular, I was finishing up my degree and felt like I was perpetually going through the motions in academia and wanted so desperately to be finished and focus on music. I think, in general, as a person, I’m a realist and am often walking that line between the glass being half empty and half full.”

It’s that push-and-pull of being a creative realist that grounds these lovely tracks and elevates this gleefully dirty indie rock into something truly special. With Grayling, 6131 Records have struck gold yet again.

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