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Petty Larcenists
Stolen Chords and Lifted Riffs | May 10 | Rad Girlfriend Records
RIYL: Domestic bliss. People watching. Sticky Fingers.

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Jesse Thorson has seen it all and written a whole host of incredible punk rock tunes about it. As the voice behind The Slow Death and Pretty Boy Thorson, there has always been an earnest Midwestern appeal to his songs. His latest project feels like both an encapsulation of all he’s done before and a slight left turn into more heartland-rock waters. There’s still a dose of punk energy, but on Stolen Chords and Lifted Riffs, Petty Larcenists ooze the soul of good ole rock ’n’ roll, with fascinating stories to boot. However, where those tales came from is the biggest change. “Well, it’s weird,” Thorson explains. “Usually, I write songs about me and what I’m going through or have gone through and stuff like that, but really, this record is different. These songs, for the most part, are about other people and their stories. Honestly, I’m pretty damn lucky. I’m at a really good spot in life now, and nobody wants to hear a song about how loud my dog snores, so I had to find other things to talk about.” Thorson and Petty Larcenists radiate an easygoing charm that’s incredibly easy to love—even if his dog snores super loud.

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