Another Michael
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Album: New Music and Big Pop out February 19th via Run For Cover Records
RIYL: Friendship. Roommates. Moving.

It makes total sense that the members of Another Michael have spent a ton of time together, as there’s a real sense of comfort behind these eclectic jams. Their debut feels like the musical equivalent of spending time with best friends on the most luxuriously cozy couch ever. Their indie pop spans styles with ease, like besties switching topics as their mind melt wanders together. It’s a wonderful treat for fans of dreamy indie pop but aren’t afraid of a little genre play.

Another Michael collectively picked up from their Albany, NY homes and have lived in a shared house in Philly since 2017. That familiarity has paid off with a record brimming with personality and creativity. New Music and Big Bop is a soothing, smashing success for a band who deserves all the attention in the world. From acoustic soul to alt-R&B, there’s something for just about anyone – OK, no thrash here, but there’s enough of that to go around. There is a tightness to the music that definitely is the result of a group who know how to play to their collective strengths. Bassist Nick Sebastiano reflects on the trio’s personal and musical relationship:

“We are close friends before anything, and with that comes a willingness to be honest with each other, and honest with ourselves for the sake of each-other, both in life and music. Michael could and should be considered the creative spark behind this project, having initially put us all in an Albany basement together to work on his songs. And even at that point, our musical chemistry had already been in motion, having played together in other peoples’ bands and for other one-off performances. But working together in any capacity, we always have had the common goal of making something we collectively really enjoy. It’s something that at times takes a lot of effort, a bit of self-reflection, perhaps some problem solving, and mutual trust.”

Musically, I am struck by how there’s at least one big melody to hook me into each tune, but the layers of awesome in each song become apparent over repeated listens. This record has been a particularly perfect soundtrack to my walks around the neighborhood to escape work. What did the band want to do with this album, musically?

“Some of my favorite music listening experiences take shape during a good walk, so I’m glad our music keeps you company on walks of your own,” shares vocalist Michael Doherty. “I wanted to be able to sit down and play all the songs on guitar while singing. I also wanted everyone who contributed to play to their own styles as much as possible. The songs were typically recorded or thrown into live sets soon after, so they all began to take on individualistic qualities due to whatever was going on at the time we were figuring them out, or what musical notions we were collectively trading amongst each other. I think the biggest thing that ties the songs together as a package is the world we made for ourselves through living together and sharing a lot of the same life experiences over the past 3-5 years.”

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