Nick Bairatchnyi and Jackson Mansfield of The Obsessives formed at fifteen over a love of blues-rock. In 2015, they released their debut record, Heck No, Nancy. 

The album resembled bands like Braid, The Pixies, and the like, a cross between emo and indie-punk. In 2017, they released their second record, which was a self-titled LP. Now, The Obsessives have released an updated version of their self-titled record, The Obsessives Deluxe through Lame-O Records, which is out now.

Purchase the deluxe edition on Bandcamp! The record features 24 tracks that are remastered and 10 never-before-released tracks.

The Obsessives Deluxe track list:
1. Intro
2. You’re My God
3. Over and Over
4. Violent
5. In The Spring
6. I
7. Surfer Rosa
8. A Shady Place
9. If You Really Love Me
10. II
11. It’s Not Fair
12. Now She’s Smoking
13. In Her Belly
14. It’s Okay If
15. III
16. Sometimes
17. IV
18. When One Thing Ends
19. Body Like A Ring
20. She
21. He Is Wise
22. Your Friends
23. Me And My Friends
24. You’re Gonna Be

The Obsessives are also due for a summer tour starting on July 21 in Richmond, VA. Tour dates HERE. 
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