Moor Mother – Black Encyclopedia Of The Air (Anti- Records)

Philadelphia artist Moor Mother is known for melding together the sounds of free jazz, post-punk, and hip hop into something truly unique. Her last release, Brass, a collaboration with Armand Hammer’s Billy Woods was a force of reckoning to say the least. This is the most hip hop inspired record in the Moor Mother discography, taking on a seriously menacing tone at times.

Moor Mother’s free flowing and political lyrical approach has always been something to marvel at, but on Black Encyclopedia Of The Air she is truly at her best. Not to mention that this record features some of the best rappers in the country, most notably another member of Armand Hammer, Elucid, and Los Angeles rapper Lojii.

Black Encyclopedia Of The Air is out on Anti- Records.

Bad Bad Hats – Walkman (Don Giovanni Records)

Bad Bad Hats are indie royalty in their hometown of Minneapolis. Over their decade long career, they’ve built a loving and devoted group of die hard fans. Their infectious pop tunes pull inspiration from 90s rock, pop punk, and glam rock amongst many more.

On Walkman, their third record, the group really hits a stride. This LP is packed full of back to back catchy tracks. From “Detroit Basketball”, with serious garage rock inspiration, to “Milky Way”, a totally danceable cut that even manages to get a little funky, there’s plenty to love here.

Walkman is out on Don Giovanni Records.

Florry – Big Fall (12XU)


Florry are a unique band hailing from Philadelphia. One could easily describe their sound as cosmic country which is a pretty accurate description, but there are many more genres and sounds coming together on this record.

The opener “You Don’t Know” has the most classically country twang with a lap steel guitar. “Big Fall” is a thumping upbeat track that has indie appeal. “Drivin” is a soft acoustic song that would fit very easily into the category of bedroom pop. In other words, this is a diverse record.  Florry is partly engineered by New York musician Paco Cathcart of The Cradle.

Florry is out on 12XU

Breathe Panel – Lets It In (Fatcat Records)

Breathe Panel are a relatively unknown band split between Brighton and London. Their soft brand of slacker rock will surely catch your attention. Filled with catchy bass hooks and twinkling guitars Lets It In has a lulling effect in the sense that it pulls you in, not puts you to sleep.

This is a comforting and present record. The sometimes wandering and jangly guitar lines always find a way back into twinkly riffs. Overall, a great record from an up and coming band.

Lets It In is out on Fatcat Records.


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