Amyl and The Sniffers – Comfort To Me (Rough Trade)

The Aussie punk group’s second record is their most defined and pronounced to date. The band kicks just enough ass to match Amy Taylor’s blistering vocal performance. The softer, more post-punk inspired tracks are uplifting, and the hardcore songs are skull pounding levels of awesome.

Tracks like “Hertz” come off as surprisingly danceable while “Knifey” pushes the band lyrically. This is punk rock done right. It’s a show of complete ferocity, primal energy, and chaotic noise that culminates in something equal parts inspiring and cathartic.

Comfort To Me is out on Rough Trade.

Sarah Davachi – Antiphonals (Late Music)

Sarah Davachi is a minimalist composer hailing from Canada. She employs soft instrumentation like Mellotron, synths, and organs. Classically trained at Mills College in Oakland, her style of composition is rooted in centuries old music but finds a mix between modern and old.

The elements of gothic and renaissance give a foreboding and dissonant tone to this record. The LP is all about dynamics. Soft organs often begin tracks here that slowly build and add instruments to create a beautiful soundscape. This is an astounding exercise in ambient and classical composition.

Antiphonals is out on Late Music.

Militaire Gun – All Roads Lead To The Gun II (Alternatives Label)

Militaire Gun, a hardcore supergroup fronted by Regional Justice Center vocalist Ian Shelton, have just released a new EP, and boy does it kick ass! The band are something of a collection of various bands including guitarist Nick Cogan of Drug Church, William Acuna, and Vince Nguyen, both of Modern Color.

This is a record just bursting with ideas of melodic hardcore that are face melting levels of intense. There are elements of post-hardcore, grindcore, and angular riffage all throughout this EP. The jangly guitars and Shelton’s howling vocals are enough to have me hooked.

All Roads Lead To The Gun II is out on Alternatives Label.

Nala Sinephro – Space 1.8 (Warp Records)

A beautiful debut from a young UK musician, Space 1.8 is a mix of ambient soundscapes and Sun Ra-style, freewheeling jazz. The unique collection of instruments, most notably the harp and modular synthesizers, give this sound a fresh take. The rhythm less swirl of ambient sounds this record collects is breathtaking.

Ranging from short repetitive pieces like the pulsating “Space 7” to the 17 minute magnus opus “Space 8” there is wide diversity in these tracks. “Space 2” is probably the most unique on the record, playing like smooth jazz elevator music; it’s a refreshing, upbeat moment. There’s definitely something special on this record. Don’t miss it!

Space 1.8 is out on Warp Records.

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