The Melvins – Five Legged Dog (Ipecac Recordings)

The Melvins, legendary grunge pioneers, have a long and influential history. For all their experiments in sludgy noise the words thirty six track acoustic record were never something you would quite expect, but here we are. In this ambitious effort the band retraces their long discography, creating newly realized acoustic versions of Melvin’s classics.

Somehow the record works on every level. Without the curtain of heavy instrumentation to hide behind the band gets experimental with recording. Their creative approach really breathes new life into songs that fans have come to love. Five Legged Dog feels like something completely fresh.

Five Legged Dog is out on Ipecac Recordings.

Tunic – Quitter (Artoffact Records)

Winnipeg’s finest noise rock duo have finally come out with the sophomore LP. Their muscular sound is an absolutely crushing display of post-hardcore power. Quitter is a more fine tuned approach, but still never failing to be bold and chaotic.

This record has a short run time, but all twenty minutes are packed to the edge with some totally spastic post-hardcore. The vocal performance is admirable, refusing to let up for even just one line. If you want something cutting edge and in your face, this is the record for you.

Quitter is out on Artoffact Records.

Namesake – Redeeming Features (Get Better Records)

Namesake, formerly known as Honduras, have been around the block for the better part of a decade. The lead single “I’m Sick” was a groovy jam that kicked up some high heat for this record. The follow up track “In Dreams” gets a little more dreamy, more indie inspired.

That’s really a theme on this record though, mixing from fun jams to mellow indie rock. It’s not anything boundary breaking, but the group knows how to make catchy, fun songs for a good time.

Redeeming Features is out on Get Better Records.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Sticky (International Death Cult)

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes are known for a raucous live show and this record really captures that feel. It’s raw and rough around the edges but filled with passion. Sticky is filled with an impressive roster of features including the likes of Joe Talbot, Lynks, and Bobby Gillespie.

On “My Town” the band pulsates behind a growling Talbot. “Off With His Head” is a muscular grooving track that could easily be found on a Sleaford Mods record. Overall, it’s a fun display of good energy. Don’t miss it!

Sticky is out on International Death Cult.

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