Interview with vocalist KK Fossor | By Michael Pementel

For vocalist KK Fossor of German thrash and power metal act THEM, there are two things very dear to his heart: horror and King Diamond. “Horror,” he says, “has always been in my blood—literally. From the time I was a child, my thirst for the macabre has never been quenched. I find a connection to the afterlife and am mystified by the unknown.” Regarding Fossor’s love for King Diamond, THEM is actually a nod to the album of the same name. “Our band name is a direct tip of the hat to King Diamond,” he confirms.

THEM are proud to release their sophomore LP, Manor of the Se7en Gables, via Steamhammer / SPV on Oct. 26. The record continues the band’s story, weaving a tale of ghostly horrors. “The concept story is a single story that follows my tragic life experiences,” Fossor shares, “every major loss of life that I have encountered, including the loved ones most close to me who were once part of my life. You also learn the origin of my ghastly scar. Currently, this tale spins across two albums, with the latest, Manor of the Se7en Gables, taking the story into a very dangerous and fiery place. Is it the end for me? You will have to wait and see how the story unfolds further.”

For Fossor, the band’s creative process allows them to find the best avenue for presenting heavy metal thrills. “First, the mood and flow of the story is determined,” he says. “Next, the music is written. The story is summarized. Vocals patterns are written next, with lyrics being last. The lyrics are written from the first track to the last sequentially, like a story would be written. A whiteboard summarizing the chapters of the story is available on hand in order to use as reference during lyric writing.”

Having started THEM as a King Diamond tribute band, Fossor’s vocals are clearly inspired by the Danish legend, but he also puts his own spin on things. “You either love King Diamond or not,” he states. “I chose to love him. However, as you listen to our latest album, Manor of the Se7en Gables, I tend to use similar style falsetto vocals more sparingly. I have many voices to share, and depending on the mood, I choose certain voices to use. I hope you enjoy them all!”

KK Fossor’s Top Five King Diamond Records

1) “Them” (1988)

2) Abigail (1987)

3) Fatal Portrait (1986)

4) The Eye (1990)

5) Give Me Your Soul… Please (2007)

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