Long Island alternative quintet Them vs. Her have announced their new album. Swing Sets and Handguns is set to release on April 30th. The record will be preceded by the release of their lead single “Headlights” on March 21st. Watch the teaser for “Headlights” below.

Swing Sets and Handguns is a concept album about a girl (the narrator) in a relationship with her childhood best friend,” explains lead vocalist Sarah Rose.

“The record tackles the boyfriend’s alcohol and drug abuse in their adolescent years. As the story develops, the girl begins to display many co-dependent tendencies and insecurities in her words, subsequently developing an addiction of her own as she follows him down a dark path and struggles with the best way for them to get out.”

Swing Sets and Handguns Track Listing:
1. Too Young
2. Who I Am
3. Stone Wall
4. Too Late
5. Don’t Let Go
6. 2300 Days
7. Judas Kiss
8. Fall to Fall
9. Empty Pockets
10. Headlights

Since the release of debut EP Consume My Thoughts in 2013, Them vs. Her have developed both numerically and in their style, moving away from the original indie/folk stylings of founding duo Tim Stark and Sarah Rose present on the rookie release and evolving into a five-piece. Without ever straying from the honest and challenging lyrical content on which the foundations of Them vs Her was built, a more full-bodied and assertive delivery has only enhanced the end-product present on Swing Sets and Handguns.

Buoyed by a positive response from shows across New York, the Long Island natives have also performed at NYC’s New Music Night Festival as their recognition grows across the state and beyond, with East Coast dates planned for Spring and Summer.

With a lyricism resonating from thought-provoking and emotive tales and an intricate and melodic indie/alternative delivery, Them vs. Her’s sound has been perfectly tailored to tell their latest story.

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