Words By Angelo Pillitteri and Breta Branyon Photos By Breta Branyon

They Might Be Giants masterminds John Flansburgh and John Linnell brought their catalog of imaginative, unusual and downright bizarre music to Fort Lauderdale  to a sold out crowd of die hard fans. The Brooklyn based band is on a 50 date US tour promoting their latest (and 20th!) album, “I Like Fun”.

Giving the fans their money’s worth They Might Be Giants opened for themselves. The band performed two sets worth of material ending up with a total of 35 songs played in one show! It was a dazzling display of musicianship, songcraft, and comedy. An array of sounds interwoven with witty lyrics that veered into territory usually only visited by the avant garde.

The musicianship was top notch and the ease with which they switched instruments as well as song styles was amazing to witness. TMBG transitioned from full band versions of songs to only the two Johns and back again to all the members joining in the set.  “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” was performed masterfully as a duet while “Birdhouse In Your Soul” featured everyone; they even performed their song made up of 28 songs, “Fingertips” to everyone’s delight. The band rolled out one mini masterpiece after another. The jokes came fast and furious too! As Linnell picked up his alto sax someone shouted to Flansburgh, “Hey John,what is that thing?” to which he replied without missing a beat, “I don’t know, we found it outside!”

TMBG left the stage after 30 songs and were called back for the first encore. Then the crowd demanded and received a second encore. The show wrapped up with a super energetic version of “Ana Ng” that had every single body in the place jumping and dancing. It was an astounding show with a great set list that included two fantastic songs from the new album, “I Like Fun”and “I Left My Body” sounding as fresh and full of spark as their earliest work. With an emphasis on fun and songs They Might Be Giants are a well oiled machine capable of getting a wink and a smile from anyone who sees them. The party atmosphere they create is contagious, beware!

P.S. Dial-A-Song is back


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